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Go Digital and Order Construction Supplies in Just a Few Taps in Newcastle, NSW

RUBBL is a marketplace and delivery platform that enables building contractors in Newcastle, NSW to order bulk construction materials directly from local suppliers. The RUBBL marketplace connects you with suppliers and delivery trucks to simplify your material management.and offers you Contractors can compare prices, place orders digitally, and arrange deliveries conveniently through the app.

Products available through RUBBL include:

  • Gravels in varieties suited for driveways, footpaths, and landscaping

  • Aggregates for concrete, asphalt, and road base materials

  • Sands for filling, concreting, and mortar applications

  • Soils for gardening, filling and landscaping purposes

  • Road base and crushed rock for subgrade preparation

  • Crusher dust for pathways, paving, landscaping and weed control

By ordering through the app, contractors save time spent calling or visiting multiple suppliers to compare prices and place orders. 

RUBBL aims to provide builders and contractors in Newcastle a fast, easy, and transparent way to order and receive the bulk materials they need for their projects.

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Types of Building Projects RUBBL can Help With

Bulk construction supplies like sand, gravel, and stone form the basic building blocks of any construction site. They are essential materials used in foundations, concrete work, landscaping, and more.

Sand, gravel and stone are used in large quantities for site preparation work. Sand is needed to make concrete and mortar for foundations, slabs, and pathways. Gravel and crushed stone form the base layers for driveways, roads and parking areas. These base layers provide drainage and support for the concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Sand, gravel and stone are also key ingredients in asphalt and ready mix concrete that are used extensively on construction sites. Asphalt and concrete are needed for driveways, footpaths, retaining walls and other structural elements.

Landscaping projects at construction sites also rely heavily on bulk materials like soil, sand, gravel and stone for filling, leveling, drainage and aesthetic purposes. These supplies are used in garden beds, planter boxes and other landscape features.

Without a steady supply of these materials, a construction site would grind to a halt which is where RUBBL steps in. RUBBL can help you operate your projects on time and within budget with a digital platform designed to simpify and improve efficiency.

Here are some types of jobs RUBBL can help with:

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Foundations & Slabs

Sand, gravel, and crushed stone are essential materials needed for mixing concrete used to pour foundations and slabs. These materials provide the structure, stability, and durability required for the building’s foundation to support the loads from the building above.

The sand acts as a filler between the gravel and crushed stone pieces, allowing the concrete to bind together when the cement sets. The sand also helps the concrete to flow and be workable during the pouring process. The crushed stone and gravel provide shape and structure to the cured concrete, holding it together and giving it compressive strength.

RUBBL helps facilitate the constant and steady supply of these materials by allowing the builder to select the exact amount, time and interval between loads for an efficient delivery.

foundation slab house Building Contractor
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Roads & Driveways

Gravel and crushed stone form the base layers for driveways, roads and parking areas. They provide drainage and support for the concrete or asphalt surfaces that are then applied on top (if requested). These base layers are crucial to ensure the stability and longevity of the paved surfaces.

The gravel or crushed stone base layers are typically laid down in layers of different sizes, all of which can be delivered by RUBBL.

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Sand acts as a fine aggregate in mortar mixes used for laying and grouting bricks, blocks and stones. Sand and aggregate mix (corefill) can also be used for filling voids in blocks.

The size and grading of the sand particles influences the quality of the mortar. Well-graded sand with an even distribution of fine to coarse particles produces the highest quality mortar.

Having a consistent supply of the correctly graded sand is essential during masonry work. Variations in the sand can lead to issues like poor bonding, reduced durability and early failure of the mortar joints. The beauty of RUBBL is you can view and compare the quality and specifications of various sands from different suppliers.

For example, Brickies Sand (yellow and white) can be delivered to your site with RUBBL fast and efficiently, and you can compare the quality and price from various suppliers all on the one screen.

mortar bricklaying Building Contractor
recycled concrete Building Contractor


Gravel and crushed stone are used as base materials beneath slabs, driveways, around pipes and retaining walls to provide drainage and prevent erosion. They allow water to filter through while supporting the overlying structure.

Gravel bases are commonly used beneath concrete slabs and asphalt pavements to provide drainage, structural support and a level working surface. 

Contractors will need to specify the type and thickness of the gravel base depending on the intended use and soil conditions. With RUBBL you can quickly view and compare the various drainage aggregates for your job, as well as calculate how much you need and convert it into cubic metres or tonnes depending on your preference.

The Benefits of Using RUBBL

At RUBBL, we understand the complex needs of building contractors. Our mobile App creates a seamless easy way for you to order the materials you need, when you need them, and is specifically designed to help builders work more efficiently and cost effectively.


Going digital offers Construction companies numerous advantages that can help streamline operations and grow the business. Here are some key ways:

    • Increased efficiency – RUBBL aims to make your projects the most efficient in Newcastle. We achieve this through digitizing operations with tools that save time and labor costs. From material ordering and delivery to invoicing and document storage and project management, RUBBL assists you every step of the way.

    • Better communication – With direct access to drivers and our customer service team, you’re only a call or text away from an answer.

    • Digital tools – Digital tools improve efficiency. RUBBL automatically converts cubic metres to tonnes and vice versa so you don’t have to calculate conversions. Other tools are in development like a calculator to determine the exact cubic metres or tonnes needed for a project.

    • Improved work site management – Nobody wants workers idle because your truck is late. RUBBL’s digital platform allows you to track deliveries and get consistent updates on truck locations, enabling you to better manage your workers.


Going paperless provides myriad benefits for building contractors:

• Saves time and resources. Eliminating paper receipts, delivery notes, weigh dockets, and invoices saves printing, filing and searching for physical documents.

• Increased efficiency. Digital documents accessible via the app allow you and employees to work more efficiently from the field or mobile devices.

• Enhanced security. Documents stored in secure cloud services are less vulnerable to loss, damage, theft or unauthorized access, better protecting sensitive client and project information.

• Environmental benefits. Eliminating paper waste helps landscape companies become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.


On-time delivery of materials is crucial for construction companies to operate efficiently. Late or missed deliveries can cause major problems and extra expenses. Here are reasons timely deliveries matter:

  • Scheduling – Builders depend on on-time deliveries to meet project deadlines. Delays receiving materials may force pushing back client deadlines, causing issues. Idle workers are unproductive.

  • Labor costs – When materials arrive late, crews have to wait, reducing productivity and profits.

  • Project continuity – Interruptions to material deliveries disrupt building projects, making it harder for crews to maintain momentum.

  • Client satisfaction – Late or incomplete deliveries may cause missed completion dates, frustrating clients and damaging reputations.

On-time delivery allows builders to focus on design, installation and client service rather than supply issues.

A reliable supply of materials and dependable customer service matter too. When you order from us, you can count on stock being available and ready for prompt delivery. This inventory management ensures you waste no time waiting for backordered items or substituting materials at the last minute.


Using RUBBL for ordering bulk construction materials is extremely simple and straightforward for building contractors. We have built this platform for those who prefer to be in the trenches doing work rather than sitting on their phones, so we have made it bloody simple. The RUBBL App allows builders to:

• Browse an extensive catalogue of bulk construction supplies from road base to gravel, sand and aggregate.

• Select the exact products you need for each project with photos and detailed specifications to make the right choices.

• Place orders in just minutes

• Receive real time order and delivery status updates directly on your mobile device so you can plan your team ahead of time

• View and manage all your past and current orders in one easy to use dashboard.

• Receive digital delivery notes with pics of unloaded materials

All of this is done within the RUBBL App which builders can download for free. There are no minimum orders or account sign up fees. Building Contractors simply download the App, create a profile and start ordering the materials they need for their projects. RUBBL makes ordering bulk construction supplies as simple, fast and convenient as possible for hard working contractors.


Knowing the intricate details of bulk supplies is critical for builders to do their jobs efficiently. Specifics like aggregate size, shape, composition, uses & applications and even the geology allow contractors to:

  • Match the right material to the job. Different aggregate sizes are suited for specific purposes like drainage, paths, slabs or retaining walls, etc. Understanding the options ensures the best material choice for the project at hand. RUBBL has an advanced material information portal that describes the benefits and uses and applications of each material.

  • Install materials correctly. Knowing details like the shape and composition of an aggregate informs you how it may interlock to help spread load weights from trucks on roads and driveways, or how the colour may be beneficial to your mortar. RUBBL also helps you understand how much aggregate you will need and informs how tightly or loosely materials should be layered and compressed.

  • Avoid issues. Unawareness of specifics could lead to materials that don’t compact well, drain properly, or match the desired aesthetic. This risks problems that are expensive and difficult to correct after installation.

  • Order supplies accurately. Relaying incorrect information to suppliers wastes time and costs money, as the wrong materials may be delivered. This costs you and RUBBL money. Knowing aggregate type, size, and amount needed avoids these miscommunications, RUBBL helps this with the m3 to tonne conversion and calculators.

  • Work with clients effectively. Being informed and knowledgable about a material means being able to explain material options, purposes, and implications to clients, demonstrates professional knowledge, and builds trust. This strengthens relationships and lands more business.

So understanding aggregate down to the millimeter, what it’s made of, and how those details shape performance is fundamental for builders to confidently tackle any project, avoid costly mistakes, and provide superior service to clients.

Why Order With RUBBL

RUBBL's user-friendly interface and straightforward ordering process allow customers to place material orders in under 2 minutes.

RUBBL presents customised offers from suppliers allowing you to consider cost, location, and material quality when making selections, all upfront.

Our team ensures you get the best possible prices. You can be assured RUBBL offers competitive pricing in Newcastle and calculates the optimal price based on your location for delivery.


RUBBL leads the way in accuracy and punctuality. We promise unrivaled accuracy and punctuality, putting you in control every step of the way.

Embrace the convenience of RUBBL's streamlined ordering system by going digital. Every step from placing your order to invoice is handled electronically for your benefit, eliminating paperwork from product purchase through delivery documentation and invoices.

RUBBL understands businesses have different cash flow needs. Choose the payment method that works best for you.


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Got Questions

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Yes! The app is free to use for those wishing to order and receive materials to the construction site. There are no fees.

Yes. You can track from the moment the driver starts driving towards the supplier to collect the material until the moment they unload the material at your site.

Currently we offer three payment options: Credit card, pay in 4 installments, and bank deposit. You dont need to make payment until after the material has been unloaded on your construction site.

Yes we now offer pick-up. If you have your own tipper or trailer and would like to collect the material yourself, ordering is super fast and easy. It takes just 3 clicks! All you need to do is select the material and choose your favourite supplier.

We offer bulk construction and landscaping materials such as garden soils, gravels, mulch, sand, aggregates, decorative pebbles and road base.

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