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Looking for top-notch landscape supplies in Lake Macquarie? You've hit the jackpot with RUBBL! We're the go-to haven for all your project needs, supplying everything from the dirt under your boots to the mulch for your greenery. RUBBL is your go-to digital platform housing all your landscape supplies from all your favorite suppliers. The RUBBL app is designed to cater specifically to the needs of landscapers, builders, plumbers, concreters, and civil contractors in this beautiful region. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we bring you customized supplier quotes from multiple suppliers and delivery services that outshine.


Fast, Easy Ordering

Not tech savvy = No problem! Our simple screen layout and step by step ordering process means anyone can order materials in under 2 minutes. 

Customised Offers

View and compare prices from nearby Suppliers up front so you can decide what’s best for you – distance, price or material quality. You can relax in knowing there are no additional fees or hidden surprises.

Reliable Delivery

We embody precision. Our drivers have all the information they need to provide a top delivery service. And you can choose from three delivery options - Flexible, Specific or Pronto! 🙂

Project Management Made Easy

Ever feel like you're juggling a dozen things at once on your work project? Get a grip with RUBBL! This App will change the game for those in the trenches. Contractors in Lake Macquarie,  order and receive all your materials with ease, making it a one-stop shop that simplifies material management.

No need to dial a phone. No need to wonder where the truck is located and what time it will arrive.

Effortless Ordering for Lake Macquarie Contractors

RUBBL is aware that not everyone is technologically competent. That's why our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless ordering process that will take you less than 2 minutes. RUBBL makes it easy for contractors in Lake Macquarie to find and order the materials they need.

Transparent Pricing for Lake Macquarie Landscapers

With RUBBL, you can see all your cubic meter or tonne rates upfront from close-by Lake Macquarie suppliers. Select your preferred Supplier based on convenience, price, the quality of materials or just your favourite supplier. So, bid farewell to those pesky additional, unexpected costs. At RUBBL, we prize transparency above all. Time to say hello to seamless budgeting and wave goodbye to pricing shocks!

Reliable, On-Time Delivery for Lake Macquarie Civil Contractors

RUBBL epitomizes accuracy, offering dependable and on-time delivery to keep your projects on schedule. Not around to receive your items? No worries, simply place an order with RUBBL and we'll handle the rest, even the driver knows exactly where to unload the material. We're all about making your life easier and keeping your schedule intact.

Embrace the Digital Age: No More Paperwork

Paperwork is a hassle in today's digital environment. RUBBL has completely digitized the ordering process, from placing an order to receiving payment. Get rid of your piles of paperwork and switch to a more effective and sustainable method of handling your landscaping supplies in Lake Macquarie.

Flexible Payment Options for Lake Macquarie Contractors

We understand that every business has unique cash flow requirements. RUBBL tunes into your unique business rhythm, offering you the flexibility to choose the payment method that syncs best with your cash flow requirements. Need a little more time between payments? No worries, we've got the perfect tonic for that. With RUBBL, you beautifully streamline your payments.



Get offers from suppliers nearby to your construction site. 

  • All your favourite suppliers in one app
  • Offers prices displayed in m3 or tonnes
  • Choose based on distance, price, or material quality

Your Trusted Lake Macquarie Contractor's App

If you're a Lake Macquarie contractor, you need a trustworthy partner for all your landscaping material requirements. RUBBL is ready to help you at every stage. Here are some exceptional features that make RUBBL the preferred choice for contractors in Lake Macquarie:

1. Customized Supplier Quotes for Lake Macquarie Projects

The days of requesting estimates incessantly are over. RUBBL offers customized quotations from Suppliers close to your Lake Macquarie development site. Instead of wasting time on the phone or waiting for emails, let us bring the Suppliers to you.

2. Full Loads or Quantity Flexibility for Lake Macquarie Jobs

Let's make your life easier! With RUBBL, there's no more daunting math to ensure you've got the exact materials for your project. Whether it's an entire truckload or just a pinch of something, we've got you covered! To add a cherry on top, we swing effortlessly between tonnes and cubic meters like a math genius. So, ditch the calculator and let RUBBL do the heavy lifting of converting between tonnes and cubic meters. Every project is unique, and we've got the precision to match!

3. Comprehensive Job Information in Lake Macquarie

It might not be easy to manage several project components such as delivery time, invoices, material type, and your project site addresses. RUBBL streamlines the procedure by providing all necessary details on a single, user-friendly App. The RUBBL App provides a crystal-clear view of your projects, including specifics like material types and amounts, delivery timelines, vehicle types, and even the driver's name and number so you can call him/her. Making informed decisions just got a whole lot simpler. And maybe even a bit fun too!

4. Digital Delivery Notes & Paperless Invoicing for Lake Macquarie Projects

RUBBL takes away the need for paper documents by making all your invoices weigh dockets, and delivery notes digitally. It even includes pictures of your unloaded goods right in your electronic delivery notes. So next time your material lands, you already have photographic proof! And the best part? You can access these records from anywhere because they are all within your app.

Who is RUBBL For?


Explore Premier Landscape Supplies Lake Macquarie

To meet your unique demands in Lake Macquarie, RUBBL offers you a broad range of landscaping materials. Thanks to our wide network of suppliers, you will always have access to an abundance of high-quality supplies. The following list of landscape materials may be found in our app:

1. Garden Mixes for Lake Macquarie Landscapers

Create stunning gardens with premium garden mixes. Garden mixtures, specially created to care for your plants and flowers, will give your landscaping efforts new vitality.

2. Gravel Supplies for Lake Macquarie Projects

Gravel is a versatile material used for a variety of landscaping tasks. RUBBL has top-notch gravel suppliers nearby that you may use for roads, walkways, or ornamental elements. These include River Gravel, River Stones, crushed granite, sand and aggregate mix, cowra white, cowra gold and more

3. Paving Sand Supply for Lake Macquarie Builders

Utilize high-end paving sand to create a polished and opulent appearance. With our selection of affordable paving sands, you may improve the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

4. Mulch Supplies for Lake Macquarie Contractors

Mulch not only gives your landscaping a final touch but also aids in moisture retention and inhibits weed development. RUBBL can help you find the ideal mulch materials to finish your tasks easily. Mulch supplies include pine bark, pine bark fines, leaf mulch, cow manure, poultry manure, woodchip, euchy mulch, and redwood mulch.

5. Building Sand Supplies for Lake Macquarie Construction

The caliber of the building sand utilized forms the basis of each construction project. You can find high-quality construction and materials from RUBBL to ensure your structures are strong and last long. Sand includes filling sand, white and yellow brick sand, crusher dust, coarse river sand, and washed sand

6. Aggregate Supplies in Lake Macquarie

For many uses in landscaping and construction, aggregate materials are one of the most essential. The app connects you with reputable aggregate material suppliers for anything from road bases to drainage options. You will find 20mm aggregate, 10/14 aggregate, blue metal of all sizes, 7/10mm aggregate, and some recycled aggregates as well.

7. Garden Soil for Lake Macquarie Landscaping

The health and vigor of your plants depend heavily on the quality of the garden soil. RUBBL helps you find garden soil suppliers nearby offering premium garden soil to nurture your landscape projects. Soils include top dressing, premium organic mix, organic garden mixes, turf underlay


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Order and receive materials quickly, on time and with very little effort.

  • Large range of sand, stone, aggregate, mulch & soil
  • Select Full Loads or Quantity
  • View all your job information in one place
  • Get Digital Delivery Notes & Paperless Invoicing

Customers Testimonials

The app is pretty bloody simple actually. I did stumble on one thing when trying to order for the first time, but I called them and they helped me straight away.

Wayne R.Wayne R.

Not what I expected! RUBBL is a lifesaver for anyone who struggles with technology. I was hesitant to order some gravel through a mobile app, but RUBBL makes it easy.

Lachlan C.Lachlan C.

Working with RUBBL has been a game-changer for our landscape business. The convenience of being able to order all of our materials from one place has saved us so much time and money.

Billie A.Billie A.


We have made it easy to view everything within the one app

  • Track vehicles from supplier to your site
  • Receive photos of the unloaded material
  • 3 flexible and easy payment methods

Got Questions?

Is the app free to use?Yes! The app is free to use for those wishing to order and receive materials to the construction site. There are no fees.

Can i track the delivery of my order?Yes. You can track from the moment the driver starts driving towards the supplier to collect the material until the moment they unload the material at your site.

What are your payment options?Currently we offer three payment options: Credit card, pay in 4 installments, and bank deposit. You dont need to make payment until after the material has been unloaded on your construction site.

Do you offer pick up?Yes we now offer pick-up. If you have your own tipper or trailer and would like to collect the material yourself, ordering is super fast and easy. All you need to do is select the material and choose your favourite supplier.

What materials do you offer within the app?We offer bulk construction and landscaping materials such as garden soils, gravels, mulch, sand, aggregates and road base.

RUBBL: Your Digital Landscape Supply Solution in Lake Macquarie

Want to make your outdoor project a breeze? RUBBL has got you covered! We're the go-to app to convert your sites into the most efficiently run sites in all of Lake Macquarie! Embrace the digital revolution and see how simple it is to acquire all the landscape supplies you need. With our top-notch service and premium products, your landscaping projects are bound to reach new heights! So, why wait? use RUBBL's premium products and first-rate service to take your landscaping projects to new heights.

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Download the RUBBL app now and experience the convenience of efficient, transparent, and reliable deliveries for your projects in Lake Macquarie.

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