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Discover the Ultimate Bulk Material Project Management Tool for Builders and Landscape Supplies in Newcastle, NSW

Welcome to RUBBL, the revolutionary app designed to simplify your life as a landscaper, builder, or civil contractor in the picturesque city of Newcastle, NSW. RUBBL has made it super easy and effortless for you to obtain landscaping goods in a more convenient way than ever before. Our mission is to turn your Project Sites into the most efficinently run sites in Newcastle.


Fast, Easy Ordering

Not tech savvy = No problem! Our simple screen layout and step by step ordering process means anyone can order materials in under 3 minutes. 

Customised Offers

View and compare prices from nearby Suppliers up front so you can decide what’s best for you – distance, price or material quality. You can relax in knowing there are no additional fees or hidden surprises.

Reliable Delivery

We embody precision. Our drivers have all the information they need to provide a top delivery service. And you can choose from three delivery options - Flexible, Specific or Pronto! 🙂

Fast, Easy Ordering for Newcastle Landscapers and Builders

RUBBL recognizes that not everyone has a strong background in technology. Thanks to our user-friendly interface and step-by-step ordering process, even the least tech-savvy people may easily place their material purchases in under 2 minutes. No more squandering time on frustratingly complex systems. It's as simple as having a stroll through the park with RUBBL!

Here are some examples of the finest landscape and construction materials available through our app:

  1. Gravel Supplies
  2. Aggregate Supplies
  3. Sand Supplies
  4. Mulch Supplies
  5. Garden Mixes in Newcastle
  6. Decorative Pebble Supply in Newcastle
  7. Crusher Dust

Transparent Pricing for Landscape Supplies in Newcastle

Are you concerned about unexpected charges or hidden costs on your bill? Or worried about cash flow? Be at ease! RUBBL offers you transparent prices from close-by suppliers so you may weigh elements like cost, location, and material quality while making selections. You can unwind knowing there won't be any nasty surprises because all pricing is there in front of you, completely transparent.

Unbeatable Prices for Landscape Materials in Newcastle

Our team ensures that you get the best prices possible. You can rest assured that RUBBL offers the most affordable pricing in Newcastle and calculates the most optimal price based on your location for delivery.

Reliable, On-Time Landscape Materials Delivery in Newcastle

RUBBL is unrivaled in terms of accuracy and timeliness. Picture this, you're sitting at the pub, indulging in your favourite meal, while your resources get to their destination like clockwork. Sounds like a dream? With RUBBL this can be your reality. We promise accuracy and timeliness that's second to none! Our drivers have all the information they need to deliver the material exactly where you want it.   It's time to take a well-deserved breather! Let us do the heavy lifting while you take care of your appetite.

A Paperless Revolution: Say Goodbye to Paperwork

Take advantage of RUBBL's simplified ordering process to embrace the digital era. Everything is done digitally for your convenience, from placing your purchase to the delivery note, weigh dockets through to the invoice. The days of being overwhelmed by paperwork are over; thanks to RUBBL, you can confidently wave goodbye to the burden of paper documentation.

Flexible Payment Options for Newcastle Contractors

We are aware that every company has different needs for cash flow. You can select the payment method that best suits your needs while using RUBBL. Want to pay over an extended period? No worries! For the best way to guarantee that your cash flow is consistent, turn to RUBBL. So go ahead and order more quickly, stress less, and perhaps even treat yourself to a delectable pork pie during Smoko!



Get offers from suppliers nearby to your construction site. 

  • All your favourite suppliers in one app
  • Offers prices displayed in m3 or tonnes
  • Choose based on distance, price, or material quality

Who is RUBBL For?


Why RUBBL for Newcastle Landscapers and Builders

CONTRACTOR - Pouring Success Across Newcastle:

As a contractor in Newcastle, you want dependable suppliers and reliable delivery from drivers familiar with the city's varied topography. Builders, civil contractors, and landscapers: this app is simple and easy and will turn your projects into highly efficient sites that your clients will love.

Customized Supplier Quotes - Speeding Up Projects in Newcastle:

We know that time is money, particularly in the building sector in Newcastle. RUBBL helps you save time and money by giving you up-front quotations from local landscape material suppliers. No need to ever pick up the phone. You can quickly view prices within a few clicks and receive that delivery from anywhere between Charlestown to Jesmond.

Full Loads or Quantity - Newcastle's Diverse Projects, Covered:

Contractors in Newcastle work on various projects, each with specific material requirements. Whether you're in Swansea or Wallsend, you can count on us to deliver what you need—no job is too big or too small. Need an entire load? We'll bring it! Just a specific quantity? No problem!

All Job Information In One Place - Streamlining Coordination in Newcastle:

Imagine having everything you need—material types, delivery schedules, driver details, delivery times—you name it, all on one simple page on RUBBL . No more hopping between notes or forgetting important stuff. Whether you're working in New Lambton or Elermore Vale, it's all there, slick as a whistle. RUBBL is about making your life easier.

Digital Delivery Notes & Paperless Invoicing - Embracing Newcastle's Tech Revolution:

Ready to tackle the future in Newcastle, the city on the brink of tech marvels? RUBBL is riding shotgun with you! Enjoy the convenience paperless invoicing and yes, folks, digital delivery notes too! Not only does this make your life a zillion times simpler, it's also a grand step towards environmental sustainability.

Transform Your Landscaping and Construction Projects with RUBBL

You know how easy it is to order an Uber, now imagine if that’s all it took to order your next landscape material for your project!? For landscapers, builders, and civil contractors in the energetic metropolis of Newcastle, New South Wales, RUBBL makes this vision a reality.


Say goodbye to the days of hunting for landscape supplies in Newcastle and wondering where the truck is. You can view a lot of different materials with RUBBL, such as gravel, aggregates, sand, mulch, crusher dust, garden mixtures, and decorative pebbles. RUBBL is prepared to satisfy your needs, no matter your project's requirements.


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Order and receive materials quickly, on time and with very little effort.

  • Large range of sand, stone, aggregate, mulch & soil
  • Select Full Loads or Quantity
  • View all your job information in one place
  • Get Digital Delivery Notes & Paperless Invoicing

Customers Testimonials

The app is pretty bloody simple actually. I did stumble on one thing when trying to order for the first time, but I called them and they helped me straight away.

Wayne R.Wayne R.

Not what I expected! RUBBL is a lifesaver for anyone who struggles with technology. I was hesitant to order some gravel through a mobile app, but RUBBL makes it easy.

Lachlan C.Lachlan C.

Working with RUBBL has been a game-changer for our landscape business. The convenience of being able to order all of our materials from one place has saved us so much time and money.

Billie A.Billie A.


We have made it easy to view everything within the one app

  • Track vehicles from supplier to your site
  • Receive photos of the unloaded material
  • 3 flexible and easy payment methods

Got Questions?

Is the app free to use?Yes! The app is free to use for those wishing to order and receive materials to the construction site. There are no fees.

Can i track the delivery of my order?Yes. You can track from the moment the driver starts driving towards the supplier to collect the material until the moment they unload the material at your site.

What are your payment options?Currently we offer three payment options: Credit card, pay in 4 installments, and bank deposit. You dont need to make payment until after the material has been unloaded on your construction site.

Do you offer pick up?Yes we now offer pick-up. If you have your own tipper or trailer and would like to collect the material yourself, ordering is super fast and easy. All you need to do is select the material and choose your favourite supplier.

What materials do you offer within the app?We offer bulk construction and landscaping materials such as garden soils, gravels, mulch, sand, aggregates and road base.

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