Landscape Material SupplieS

where & when you need THEM

RUBBL is a marketplace & delivery platform for landscapers & builders to easily search, order and receive landscape supplies for their projects.

Fast, Easy Ordering

Not tech savvy = No problem! Experience how easily you can get the materials you need. Our simple screen layout and step by step ordering process means anyone can order materials in under 2 minutes. Its a walk in the park!

Pricing Transparency

View prices from nearby Suppliers up front so you can decide what’s best for you – distance, price or material quality. You can relax in knowing there are no additional fees or hidden surprises.

Competitve Prices

We negotiate the hard stuff so you don’t have to. We will get you bloody great prices so you can reserve your sales skills for winning new clients 🙂

Reliable, on-time Delivery

We embody precision. Get the materials you need with the fair dinkum service you deserve because we show up even if you don’t! Huh? You provide all the information the driver needs so you don’t even have to be onsite to receive materials. Just order and kick back. Did somebody say pub lunch?

No More Paperwork

RUBBL has digitised the entire ordering process, from ordering through to invoicing. Even your delivery notes and weight dockets are managed automatically. Leave your paper in the recycling bin, you won’t need it.

Flexible Payment Options

Simply place your order on RUBBL and select the various choices of payments to suit your business cash flow. Need long payment terms? We have a solution for that. You don’t need to worry about anything. With RUBBL you can order faster, worry less and get back to what’s important…meat pies during Smoko!



Features and Benefits

Landscapers, Builders, Civil Contractors: This app is for you. We pour the materials where and when you need them. The only place you will see a better pour is in the pub!

Customised Supplier Quotes

RUBBL lets you view prices up front from suppliers nearby to your construction site. No more searching and waiting for quotes. No more headaches. It’s simple.

Full Loads or Quantity

Want full loads or a specific quantity? Done. Select between various truck sizes and payloads. We will also convert your tonnes to m3 and vica-versa for each material so you don’t have to do the math.

All Job Information In One Place

We make it easy for you to view everything on one page, including: material type, quantities, your site contacts, truck types, delivery times and more.

Digital Delivery Notes & Paperless Invoicing

Receive your Delivery Notes (with pics of the unloaded material), weigh dockets and Invoices all electronically. You don’t even need to be onsite to receive deliveries. So…take a load off. Go for a pub lunch. We got this.


Features and Benefits

Whether you are a large Transport Company or owner/driver, we have got your back. RUBBL is your place to grab new jobs, stay busy and keep your business moving.

Mobile App or Web Panel

Use either a mobile app and/or web panel for you to view and manage your jobs. Its your logistical challenges simplified. Whether you are an owner/driver or a large Transport company with many trucks, we have made it easy for you.

Jobs Dashboard

View all available jobs on a single dashboard. with delivery details, vehicle requirements, your earnings, delivery dates and times, vehicle requirements, & material volumes. Filter, select and earn $ that fit within your existing schedule.

Vehicle & Driver Management

Easily manage all your drivers and vehicles and track their location at any point. Your Drivers will deliver with ease as they have access to all the job information including loading and unloading details.

Fast Payments

You will be stoked when you discover how quickly you get paid. We don't muck around. You will receive payment faster than your partner can figure out how to spend it! You'll also get receipts and notification reminders. Boom.


Features and Benefits

RUBBL gives you an enhanced digital presence whilst allowing you to have complete control of your orders. We genuinely want to see your business grow and are here to facilitate that.

Everything at your Fingertips

View all jobs on any calendar day or week. You will see all transport/driver and vehicle details, material, your earnings and tonnes required as well as pick up times. We will also provide an easy way for you to record the load so you know exactly how much you have loaded on the truck.

Digitised Management

Manage all your materials, prices, volumes, invoicing and finances. As a supplier you can create various pricing strategies that suit your business and maximise profit.

Fast Payments

Why wait for payment when you can receive it soon after completing a job? We don't muck around. You will receive payment faster than your can figure out how to spend it!

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