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Looking for top-notch landscape and bulk construction supplies in Lake Macquarie? You’ve come to the right place with RUBBL! RUBBL is a marketplace and delivery platform with the largest range of landscape supplies you need to complete your project, from the soil and mulch for your garden beds to the gravel and road base for your road or driveway.

The RUBBL app connects you directly to all your favorite landscape and bulk construction suppliers in the Lake Macquarie area. Through the app, you can:

  • Get customized quotes from multiple suppliers at the click of a button

  • View an extensive catalog of landscape supplies and products

  • Place orders and schedule deliveries at your convenience

  • Track orders and manage invoices and receipts in one place

With a focus on efficiency, transparency and reliability, we aim to make your life as a landscaper, builder, plumber, concreter or civil contractor easier. You’ll get the landscape supplies you need, when you need them, at competitive prices and with flexible delivery options.

Give the RUBBL app a try today.

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The Benefits of Using RUBBL

If you’re a Lake Macquarie contractor, you need a reliable partner to supply landscaping and bulk construction materials. RUBBL provides contractors with custom quotes, flexible delivery options, comprehensive job details, and digital documents to simplify your projects.

Project Management Made Simple

RUBBL streamlines ordering materials and supplies, keeping landscaping and building projects in Lake Macquarie on schedule. The app simplifies ordering and material management, ensuring reliable, on-time deliveries without hassles.

When placing an order or checking order details, all pertinent information is readily available: delivery times, driver contact info, material volumes, costs, types, and site addresses. You can view material amounts, vehicle details, and driver contact info to make informed decisions for your projects and contact drivers directly if needed.

Easy Ordering For Contractors

RUBBL’s user-friendly interface allows contractors to order materials in less than 2 minutes. The app acts as a one-stop shop for landscapers and civil contractors in Lake Macquarie, connecting them to reliable local suppliers. The step-by-step process is so simple even the least tech-savvy won’t have any issues!

Moreover, whether you require a full truckload of materials or just a small amount for your project, we can accommodate your needs. We convert precisely between tonnes and cubic meters so you don’t have to use a calculator.

Customised Quotes

We provide customized quotes tailored to your needs from suppliers located close to your Lake Macquarie job site. Instead of wasting time calling multiple suppliers, we match you with suitable options near you. You can make your selection based on a variety of factors such as price, material quality, or distance from your site.

Dependable Deliveries

RUBBL delivers materials as promised to keep your projects on schedule. Drivers know exactly where to unload. The app handles everything so you can focus on your work.

Go Digital

RUBBL has digitized the entire ordering and payment process, eliminating paperwork. Switch to a more sustainable method for managing landscaping supplies.

RUBBL digitizes your invoices, delivery notes, and weigh dockets so you have instant access from anywhere. Your electronic delivery notes include photos of your materials after drop-off, providing photographic proof for your records.

Flexible Payment Options

The app understands the cash flow needs of businesses. RUBBL offers flexible payment methods tailored to your unique rhythm, giving you more time between payments when needed. Streamline your payments with RUBBL.

Premier Landscaping Supplies in Lake Macquarie

RUBBL offers a wide range of landscaping materials to meet your needs in Lake Macquarie. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, you have access to high-quality products:

Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies

Garden Soil & Mixes For Landscaping

Premium garden soil nurtures plants and gardens. We help you find suppliers offering top-quality soil mixes to cultivate your projects. Soils include top dressing and organic mixes.

Gravel Supplies For Projects

Gravel is versatile for landscaping tasks. We connect you with quality gravel suppliers where you can compare prices on materials including river gravel, crushed granite, and sand mixes.

Gravel Supplies Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies
coarse river sand Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies

Paving Sand For Contractors

Use high-end paving sand to create an opulent appearance with your pavers. We help you access affordable paving sands to enhance outdoor spaces.

Mulch Supplies For Landscapers

Mulch helps with moisture retention and weed prevention while finishing your landscaping. We connect you with the right mulch materials, including pine bark, leaf mulch, manure, and woodchips.

pine bark mulch Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies
newcastle sand Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies

Sand Supplies For Construction

High-quality building sand forms the basis of strong, durable structures. We connect you with suppliers of filling sand, brickies sand, and river sand

Aggregate Supplies

Aggregates are essential for landscaping and construction. We connect you with reputable aggregate suppliers for everything from road bases to drainage stones. You’ll find various aggregate sizes and types.

40 70 recycled aggregate Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies
20mm Blue river pebbles1 Lake Macquarie Landscape Supplies

Decorative Pebbles For Landscaping

In need of decorative pebbles? We have an abundance of stunning decorative stones and pebbles to suit any project, including cowra pebbles, scoria, and river gravel.

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